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In the Arctics, there is a place

Are you at a crossroads in your current job? Are you a recent graduate or actively seeking employment?

Whether you’re looking for a temporary position or a permanent job, Work in Greenland can guide you on the right path.

We have an extensive database of technical specialists, including project managers, engineers, designers, technical assistants, production technologists, and more.

Our clients are companies within the construction and industrial sectors, including prominent consulting engineering firms, architectural companies, as well as industrial and process-oriented companies.

Engage in exciting projects amidst the stunning Arctic backdrop. From carpentry to electrical work, plumbing to construction, your expertise is highly sought-after. Immerse yourself in a vibrant culture, forge unforgettable connections, and leave your mark on Greenland’s evolving infrastructure. Join us for an extraordinary journey where work intertwine in the magnificent Arctic setting.